For a certified Voluntary Program

Prioritizing accessibility to direct services and violence prevention offered to the Francophone community, La Maison and Oasis Centre des Femmes, have partnered to launch a collaborative project for the recruitment and training of volunteers.

Supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the main objective of this project is to provide a solid resources platform to assist our programs and activities, prevent violence against women and promote the professional integration of essay writing site write my essay for me Francophone and Bilingual women.


  • Provide resources and information for our essay writing site write my essay for me volunteers.
  • Acknowledge all women who work each day for a world without violence.
  • Inform about women’s rights and violence.
  • Create a forum and a voluntary Program to contribute to the development of French Language Services in Ontario.
  • Propose training courses and materials in Domestic and Family Violence, Feminist Analysis and French Languages Services.
  • Promote the professional development of volunteers.

For whom ?

This forum is open to all French, Bilingual and Francophile women who want to get involved in defending the rights of women regarding violence and in the development of French Language Services.

Becoming a volunteer means :

  • Understanding values ​​such as Feminism, Diversity, Equality, Solidarity and Francophonie.
  • Giving time and participating to a training program in Violence against women, Feminism, French Services and Administration.
  • Taking an interest in the problem of violence against women.
  • Getting involved in awareness activities, services and programs provided by La Maison and Oasis Centre des Femmes.
  • Working for the Community (integrity, dependability, dedication, etc).
  • Respecting Security and Confidentiality measures.
  • Showing solidarity, initiative and creativity.

What does this program offer ?

By joining our team, you can volunteer in any activity of your choice and participate in our projects.

This platform provides you :

  • Many volunteer and job opportunities (administration, animation, support programs, logistics, communication, promotion, etc).
  • Access to media releases, information and resources regarding violence and women’s rights in Canada and around the world.
  • Various courses and training materials in the fields of violence against women, feminism, french services, and administration.
  • A Professional network and a dynamic French Community.
  • An access to our events and gatherings.

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