Confidentiality, of course! But why?


Emphasizing the importance of confidentiality supports the creation and maintenance of a relationship built on trust wherein residents and\or those who make use of the services feel comfortable talking about their experiences and are open to being supported.

La Maison and Oasis Centre des Femmes work hand in hand to establish a model of security applicable to all employees, volunteers and members in order to assure the highest level of protection and avoid situations wherein negative consequences result as they pertain to the lives of the women we support.

At the present moment, the Francophone community of the greater Toronto area represent 5% of Ontario’s population. Although this percentage is on the rise, this community remains a minority in which each member is required to rely upon the same infrastructures, make use of the same services and participate in the same events as those in the Anglophone majority.

Admittedly, this linguistic characteristic, is a source of individuality and socially created goodwill amongst members, however it also greatly increases the risks of stigmatisation and traceability for the francophone women and children who we serve.

What are the potential consequences?

The hazards of ‘‘word of mouth.’’

During an public event or within a group setting, if you were to disclose sensitive information about the location of La Maison or OFC.

It is quite possible that in that moment, you have made it possible for an abuser to locate a resident and thus place the woman, the family as well as the staff of La Maison and\or OFC in danger.

Risks include: vandalism, the possibility of a break and entry, harassment, threats, displays of intimidation, aggression and feminicide.

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