Become a volunteer

Getting involved, and becoming a volunteer is both an enriching experience and an opportunity to give of oneself.

There are many reasons for which one may choose to become a volunteer. In addition to social engagement, it is also a means of pursuing your personal calling, allows you to make a real impact on the “well-being” of others and can be a source of personal fulfillment.

On a Social level you:

  • Express an interest for a particular cause
  • Make a difference and contribute to the improvement of society
  • Help others
  • Support the positive development of one or more community

On a Personal level you:

  • Add fulfillment to your life
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Discover new cultures, languages and ways of living
  • Build awareness of your rights and responsibilities in relation to the broader society
  • Share your expertise and skills
  • Become part of a community and add value to the concept of communal involvement
  • Allow yourself to excel
  • Develop your ability to communicate

On a Professional level you:

  • Are able to apply yourself within the labour market
  • Develop and expand your skill set and acquire expertise
  • Can complete and enhance your education and\or training
  • Build your professional network
  • Increase your body of experience
  • Improve your skills of deduction and ability to be analytical
  • Learn or continue to refine your propensity to work in a group
  • Establish professional references in a Canadian context

Whatever your motivations, we recognize and applaud all those who involve themselves, day after day, in the hopes of creating a better future for women who find themselves in precarious situations.


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