#ZikaQA: Goats and Soda’s Are living Video clip Q&A On The Zika Virus

YouTube UPDATE January 26, 11:52 a.m.: This dwell Q&A has ended. Watch a recorded version in the player above.Read NPR’s past coverage of Zika: Zika Virus Makes CDC Consider A Travel Warning For Pregnant Women https://www.steelersglintshop.com/Heath-Miller-Jersey Zika Disease Is On The Rise: Here’s What You Ought To Know Zika Virus Confirmed In Texas: Here’s A Primer On The Disease In the past https://www.steelersglintshop.com/Steven-Nelson-Jersey year, Zika virus has emerged as a serious health risk, linked to severe birth defects in Brazil. NPR’s South America Correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro and Global Health Correspondent Jason Beaubien answered your questions on this mosquito-borne disease in a live YouTube web stream on Tuesday, January 26, 11 a.m. ET. Last week, Garcia-Navarro reported on one of the mothers who herself had Zika virus and whose baby was born with microcephaly. Beaubien talked to specialists for a report on what we do and don’t yet know about the disease. Submit your question in a comment below or tweet them to us using the hashtag #ZikaQA. We’ll consider these questions for our https://www.steelersglintshop.com/Kevin-Greene-Jersey correspondents to answer in real time.

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