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Defensive line coach Bill Kollar had the defensive ends run a drill that simulated drops into coverage. That should be a hint at some things to expect from the DE’s this year. Connor Barwin was getting some up close and personal coaching by Kollar during this drill.

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David Gibbs had the DBs run a drill where they would backpedal about 15 yards simulating coverage, then break it off and come up fast and meet one or two blockers on the way to a simulated ball carrier. Good drill. Looks like one of those image source Gibbs teaching moments.

The entire defensive unit ran an interesting drill which emphasized taking proper angles and getting to the ball carrier on outside runs. I called it the Chris Johnson drill. A coach (a fast one at that – not sure who he was) would take the ball on a pitch and run outside. The defense would pursue at required angles and meet at the ball carrier and huddle about 10-15 yards downfield.

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The results of stretching studies conducted in controlled lab conditions cannot replicate the complex dynamics of athletic performance. Findings must be taken with “a grain of salt” in real world sports.

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